Welcome to the Scratch Off Odds Lottery Analyzer for Michigan! Here you'll find an overview of the best (and worst) scratch off tickets.
The best tickets to buy typically have a larger percentage of top prizes remaining compared to how many tickets are still in circulation.
Game #TitlePriceROITop PrizeProfit
277Holiday Dazzle$10-0.114$500,000-$1.14
795Multiplier Spectacular$20-0.149$2,000,000-$2.98
204Super Bonus Cashword$20-0.159$1,000,000-$3.17
237$150,000,000 Payout$30-0.160$4,000,000-$4.79
209Hit It Big$20-0.170$2,000,000-$3.40
263Money Money Money$20-0.170$2,000,000-$3.41
262Poker Multiplier$5-0.172$300,000-$0.86
236$4,000,000 Winner$30-0.173$4,000,000-$5.19
311Worth Millions$30-0.181$4,000,000-$5.42