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Think Big, Win Big! On Tue, Jul 16, 2024, the Blackjack Doubler (#621) $2 ticket is your key to unlocking big dreams! With a top prize of $50,000, it offers the chance to win a prize that matches your big thinking. The Cashword (#445) is a reliable choice, but its prize potential keeps things more practical. Speaking of big wins, someone snagged a whopping 50000 on a $2 ticket for Lucky X10 last week (Monday, July 15, 2024)!
Activity for $2 tickets in Michigan since Tue, Jul 9, 2024.
  • Number sold: 673,380
  • Total Revenue: $1,346,760
  • Number redeemed: 238,005
  • Prize value claimed: $1,095,439
Game #
Top Prize
621Blackjack Doubler$2-0.363$50,000-$0.73
451Bonus 777$2-0.366$50,000-$0.73
635$50,000 Cash Multiplier$2-0.372$50,000-$0.74
638Classic Cashword$2-0.372$30,000-$0.74
611'Tis the Season$2-0.374$10,000-$0.75
466Lucky Slug Doubler$2-0.375$50,000-$0.75
633$50,000 Gold Rush$2-0.376$50,000-$0.75
372It Takes 2$2-0.376$50,000-$0.75
461Burning Hot 7's$2-0.377$50,000-$0.75
434Sapphire Blue Wild Time$2-0.377$30,000-$0.75
474$50 Large$2-0.379$50,000-$0.76
411Lucky X10$2-0.379$50,000-$0.76
428$10 Million Cash Payout$2-0.381$50,000-$0.76
369$50,000 Frenzy Multiplier$2-0.383$50,000-$0.77
395Wild Time Classic$2-0.386$30,000-$0.77
468Pharaoh's Gold$2-0.389$50,000-$0.78
454Merry Money X12$2-0.390$30,000-$0.78
481Triple Win$2-0.415$50,000-$0.83
423Winner Winner Chicken Dinner$2-0.416$50,000-$0.83