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Strike Gold! Feeling lucky today (Tue, Jul 23, 2024)? The Winter Green 7's (#457) $5 ticket offers a top prize of $500,000, making it your chance to strike gold! The Mystery Key Cashword (#414) might be a familiar friend, but its prize potential is a bit more reserved. Last week's biggest $5 winner walked away with a jaw-dropping 500000 playing $500,000 Frenzy Multiplier on Monday, July 22, 2024.
Activity for $5 tickets in Michigan since Tue, Jul 16, 2024.
  • Number sold: 1,016,302
  • Total Revenue: $5,081,510
  • Number redeemed: 161,556
  • Prize value claimed: $1,278,370
Game #
Top Prize
457Winter Green 7's$5-0.229$500,000-$1.14
467Power Shot Multiplier$5-0.278$500,000-$1.39
609Golden 9's$5-0.282$500,000-$1.41
420Pink Diamond 7’s$5-0.284$500,000-$1.42
412Lucky X20$5-0.287$500,000-$1.43
455Cashing Through the Snow$5-0.288$300,000-$1.44
626Winning Streak$5-0.290$500,000-$1.45
429$25 Million Cash Payout$5-0.291$500,000-$1.45
462Blazing Hot 7's$5-0.293$500,000-$1.46
652Wild Time Bingo$5-0.294$300,000-$1.47
475$500 Large$5-0.297$500,000-$1.49
4325X Multiplier$5-0.298$500,000-$1.49
623Fantastic 5's$5-0.299$500,000-$1.50
636$500,000 Cash Multiplier$5-0.299$500,000-$1.50
484Fab 4$5-0.300$500,000-$1.50
469Wild Side$5-0.302$500,000-$1.51
373$500 RELOADED$5-0.303$500,000-$1.51
370$500,000 Frenzy Multiplier$5-0.304$500,000-$1.52
61720X Wild Time$5-0.304$300,000-$1.52
615$500,000 Winter Ice$5-0.305$500,000-$1.52
471Lucky No. 13$5-0.306$500,000-$1.53
612Peppermint Payout$5-0.307$300,000-$1.53
489X's & O's Bingo$5-0.310$300,000-$1.55
493Top Secret Cashword$5-0.312$300,000-$1.56
377HIT $500,000$5-0.317$500,000-$1.58
427Black Pearls$5-0.318$500,000-$1.59
417Cashword Times 5$5-0.323$300,000-$1.62
435Emerald Green Wild Time$5-0.324$300,000-$1.62
492Fire & Ice Cashword$5-0.325$300,000-$1.63
416Bingo Blockbuster$5-0.342$300,000-$1.71
414Mystery Key Cashword$5-0.358$300,000-$1.79