Scratch Off Odds
Unleash the Jackpot Potential: Looking to unleash the ultimate prize potential on Tue, Jul 23, 2024? Choose the MEGA LUCKY 7s (#1167) $20 ticket! With a top prize of $70,000, it offers the chance to crack open a truly life-changing jackpot. The COLOSSAL CASH (#1176) is a reliable option, but its prize potential is more like a trickle compared to a gusher. In the last week, a lucky player unlocked a massive $150,000 win on a $20 ticket for $150,000 CASH on Monday, July 22, 2024.
Activity for $20 tickets in West Virginia since Tue, Jul 16, 2024.
  • Number sold: 10,382
  • Total Revenue: $207,640
  • Number redeemed: 2,373
  • Prize value claimed: $141,770
Game #
Top Prize
1167MEGA LUCKY 7s$20-0.232$70,000-$4.64
115020X LUCKY$20-0.245$100,000-$4.90
1115$150,000 CASH$20-0.247$150,000-$4.93
1083$200,000 JACKPOT$20-0.254$200,000-$5.09
1124ELECTRIC LUCK – LUCKY SHAMROCK$20-0.268$10,000-$5.35
1131MEGA HOT$20-0.274$50,000-$5.47
1136HIGH HAND$20-0.284$5,000-$5.67
1197UNTAPPED FORTUNE – ROLL FOR RICHES$20-0.284$10,000-$5.68
1176COLOSSAL CASH$20-0.291$20,000-$5.83