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Best Game
Break the scratch-off mold with WILD 6! This $10 lottery ticket stands out with its incredible value and the potential to win the $60,000. This option boasts an ROI of -0.202, translating to an expected value of -$2.02 on average.
Top Prize
Thinking Big on a Budget? Believe it or not, the $30 ticket for BONUS VIP-BLOWOUT-CLUB-SPIN could be your ticket to big wins! It boasts the highest top prize of $300,000 in our top ten. This option offers a potential ROI of -0.239, resulting in an expected value of -$7.16.
Game #
Top Prize
1168WILD 6$10-0.202$60,000-$2.02
1167MEGA LUCKY 7s$20-0.232$70,000-$4.64
1189BONUS VIP-BLOWOUT-CLUB-SPIN$30-0.239$300,000-$7.16
115020X LUCKY$20-0.245$100,000-$4.90
1115$150,000 CASH$20-0.247$150,000-$4.93
1083$200,000 JACKPOT$20-0.254$200,000-$5.09
115110X LUCKY$10-0.264$50,000-$2.64
1124ELECTRIC LUCK – LUCKY SHAMROCK$20-0.268$10,000-$5.35
1131MEGA HOT$20-0.274$50,000-$5.47
State Activity
Winning streak continues! Our top ten lottery scratch-off games, as of Tuesday, July 23, 2024, are on a roll! The past week has been a whirlwind of winning, with a whopping $820,454 redeemed from $226,476 lucky tickets. With so many winners already, could you be next? 226,476 tickets have been sold for a total of $1,163,536, but there are still top prizes waiting to be revealed. Check out the top ten and see if your lucky scratch-off awaits!