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Best Game
Break the scratch-off mold with 100X! This $10 lottery ticket stands out with its incredible value and the potential to win the $100,000. This option boasts an ROI of -0.157, translating to an expected value of -$1.57 on average.
Top Prize
Unlock the Ultimate Prize! Don't miss out on 300X! This $30 ticket boasts the unmatched top prize, the $680,000 the biggest one on our list. This game's ROI sits at -0.191, resulting in an expected value of -$5.72.
Game #
Top Prize
1589Full of $5,000s$20-0.188$250,000-$3.77
1570Double-Sided Dollar$$5-0.225$50,000-$1.12
1586Hit $1000$10-0.259$1,000-$2.59
1592$100 Grand$10-0.261$100,000-$2.61
1562$50, $100 & $500 Blowout$10-0.267$500-$2.67
1588Cash Eruption$5-0.272$50,000-$1.36
1568Winter Winnings$10-0.274$100,000-$2.74
State Activity
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