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Don't Miss Out! Today (Tue, Jul 23, 2024), the Big Winnings (#2574) $5 ticket is your chance to win BIG! With a top prize of $200,000, it offers a prize potential that can't be ignored. The Cowboys (#2500) might be budget-friendly, but its prize potential is more low-key. Last week's biggest $5 winner defied the odds, winning a staggering $200,000 playing 50X Power Blitz on Monday, July 22, 2024.
Activity for $5 tickets in Texas since Tue, Jul 16, 2024.
  • Number sold: 3,242,185
  • Total Revenue: $16,210,925
  • Number redeemed: 802,757
  • Prize value claimed: $10,926,570
Game #
Top Prize
2574Big Winnings$5-0.318$200,000-$1.59
2499Extreme Green$5-0.319$100,000-$1.59
2569Double Doubler$5-0.320$100,000-$1.60
2524Money Multiplier$5-0.320$100,000-$1.60
2540High Roller$5-0.320$100,000-$1.60
2585Super Loteria$5-0.321$100,000-$1.61
2572$500 Frenzy$5-0.322$100,000-$1.61
2562$100,000 Money Mania$5-0.324$100,000-$1.62
2534Wild 7$5-0.329$100,000-$1.65
2502Bingo Times 20$5-0.333$100,000-$1.66
255450X the Win$5-0.334$100,000-$1.67
2553Winning 7s$5-0.337$100,000-$1.68
2537Lucky X10$5-0.338$100,000-$1.69
2550Show Me 100X$5-0.338$100,000-$1.69
2480$20,000,000 CA$H SPECTACULAR!$5-0.339$100,000-$1.70
2547Year of the Dragon$5-0.340$100,000-$1.70
2529$100 Grand$5-0.341$100,000-$1.70
254350X Power Blitz$5-0.341$200,000-$1.71
2565Hit $200,000$5-0.342$200,000-$1.71
246350X Cash Blitz$5-0.342$200,000-$1.71
2505Super Cashword$5-0.344$100,000-$1.72
2558Silver Armadillo Dollar$$5-0.346$100,000-$1.73
2559Lucky 7s$5-0.346$100,000-$1.73
2526777 Multiplier$5-0.348$100,000-$1.74
2484EMERALD 7s$5-0.353$200,000-$1.76
2520$200,000 Winnings$5-0.363$200,000-$1.81
2509Super Loteria$5-0.365$100,000-$1.82
2501Houston Texans$5-0.377$100,000-$1.88