Scratch Off Odds


Best Game
Dominate the scratch-off game with $5,000,000 Ultimate! This $50 lottery ticket boasts the top prize of $5,000,000, making it the cream of the crop. With a projected ROI of -0.180, this game offers an expected value of -$8.98.
Top Prize
Calling All Adventurers! Embark on a quest for riches with $20 Million Supreme! This $100 ticket offers the biggest prize among our top ten $20,000,000. Will you be the lucky winner? This game features a projected ROI of -0.214, for an expected value of -$21.42.
Game #
Top Prize
2455$5,000,000 Ultimate$50-0.180$5,000,000-$8.98
2588$400 Million Mega Bucks$100-0.184$5,000,000-$18.44
2515Loteria Supreme$100-0.197$7,500,000-$19.67
2423$1,000,000 Diamond Riches$50-0.213$1,000,000-$10.64
2400$20 Million Supreme$100-0.214$20,000,000-$21.42
2536Millions Club$50-0.216$1,000,000-$10.80
2479Cash Royale$50-0.216$1,000,000-$10.82
2435500X Loteria Spectacular$50-0.222$3,000,000-$11.08
2518500X Loteria Spectacular$50-0.224$3,000,000-$11.18
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Scratch your way to riches! Our top ten lottery scratch-off games, updated for Tuesday, July 16, 2024, might just have the scent of success! The past week has been a whirlwind of winning, with a staggering $68,829,802 claimed by $9,814,452 lucky players. With 9,814,452 tickets already sold and $96,004,521 spent, there's more winning to be done! Check out our top ten ranked games below and see if you can sniff out your next big win!