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Escape the Prize Grind! Tired of the everyday prize grind? On Tue, Jul 16, 2024, the Gold Rush 7s (#691) $1 ticket offers a top prize of $1,000, your chance to escape the grind and potentially win big! The Hot 7s (#634) is a familiar option, but its prize potential keeps you firmly planted in the everyday. Speaking of big wins, someone snagged a whopping $1,000 on a $1 ticket for Match 2 Win last week (Monday, July 15, 2024).
Activity for $1 tickets in Maryland since Tue, Jul 9, 2024.
  • Number sold: 214,488
  • Total Revenue: $214,488
  • Number redeemed: 46,986
  • Prize value claimed: $131,565
Game #
Top Prize
691Gold Rush 7s$1-0.406$1,000-$0.41
665Fast Roll$1-0.411$1,000-$0.41
643Cash Crush$1-0.413$1,000-$0.41
682Corner Payout$1-0.416$1,000-$0.42
614Match 2 Win$1-0.421$1,000-$0.42
626MD Lottery Logo$1-0.427$1,000-$0.43
656OH, SNAP$1-0.428$500-$0.43
6725X the Cash$1-0.442$1,000-$0.44
617Gold X5$1-0.471$1,000-$0.47
634Hot 7s$1-0.484$1,000-$0.48