Scratch Off Odds


Best Game
Feeling lucky? Put your luck to the test with 50 Years!! This $50 lottery scratcher could be your ticket to the life-altering $5,000,000. This game's ROI of 0.044 translates to a higher expected value of $2.21.
Top Prize
Aim High, Explore More! 50 Years! boasts the top prize of $5,000,000. Don't stop there! Explore our top ten for the $5,000,000 with $5,000,000 CASH. This option offers a potential ROI of -0.217, resulting in an expected value of -$10.86.
Game #
Top Prize
62550 Years!$500.044$5,000,000$2.21
446$500,000 Crossword$20-0.002$500,000-$0.04
647$1 Million Royale$20-0.199$1,000,000-$3.97
655$100,000 Ca$h$30-0.206$100,000-$6.18
553$100,000 Lucky$30-0.213$100,000-$6.40
681$5,000,000 CASH$50-0.217$5,000,000-$10.86
690Mega Money$30-0.219$2,000,000-$6.57
671200X the Cash$30-0.223$2,000,000-$6.68
603Cash is King$30-0.223$2,000,000-$6.69
613$50,000 Cash$20-0.224$50,000-$4.48
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It's a winning frenzy! Our top ten lottery scratch-off games, as of Tuesday, July 16, 2024, are on fire! In just the last 7 days, a lucky $10,958,477 has been redeemed from a whopping $1,936,747 winning tickets. Don't miss out with 1,936,747 tickets already sold and $15,397,298 spent, there are still top prizes waiting to be claimed! Check out our top ten and see if you can scratch your way to a win!