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Insider Info: Looking for a thrilling $5 ticket with a high potential reward? Today (Thu, Jul 18, 2024), the Nutcracker Cash (#908) offers a top prize of $50,000! The Full of $500's Spring Edition (#877) might be a safe bet, but its prize potential is more down-to-earth. Speaking of big wins, someone walked away with $150,000 on a $5 ticket for 50X The Cash last week (Wednesday, July 17, 2024)!
Activity for $5 tickets in Kentucky since Thu, Jul 11, 2024.
  • Number sold: 669,279
  • Total Revenue: $3,346,395
  • Number redeemed: 190,693
  • Prize value claimed: $2,452,204
Game #
Top Prize
908Nutcracker Cash$5-0.300$50,000-$1.50
936Mood Money$5-0.305$60,000-$1.53
933Gold Mine 9X$5-0.307$90,000-$1.54
924Clover Cash$5-0.307$50,000-$1.54
827Queen of Hearts$5-0.309$60,000-$1.54
833Power Shot$5-0.309$80,000-$1.55
935$100,000 Casino Nights$5-0.311$100,000-$1.55
931The Price Is Right™$5-0.312$75,000-$1.56
705Spicy Hot Crossword$5-0.314$50,000-$1.57
837Funky 5's$5-0.314$55,555-$1.57
938Corner Cash Crossword$5-0.315$50,000-$1.58
850Wild Luck HD$5-0.315$50,000-$1.58
851Full of $500's Limited Edition$5-0.318$500-$1.59
912$weet Heart Ca$h$5-0.320$44,000-$1.60
926$500 Frenzy$5-0.321$500-$1.61
909$500 Holiday Frenzy$5-0.322$500-$1.61
909Frosty Frenzy$5-0.322$500-$1.61
903Pink Diamond$5-0.325$100,000-$1.63
533Deluxe Crossword Doubler$5-0.326$50,000-$1.63
836Black Pearls$5-0.330$50,000-$1.65
712$5 Break Fort Knox$5-0.332$75,000-$1.66
893Cash Eruption$5-0.339$75,000-$1.69
804Money Multiplier Bonus$5-0.339$60,000-$1.70
883Wild Cash Multiplier$5-0.345$90,000-$1.73
892Winner Winner Chicken Dinner$5-0.349$50,000-$1.74
885Grillin' & Chillin'$5-0.352$75,000-$1.76
898Graveyard Green$5-0.354$31,000-$1.77
834Win Win Win$5-0.358$100,000-$1.79
91950X The Cash$5-0.377$150,000-$1.88
884Ca$h Plu$$5-0.382$50,000-$1.91
900$90,000 Triple Play$5-0.388$90,000-$1.94
844Ultimate 7s$5-1.200$-$6.00
877Full of $500's Spring Edition$5-1.200$-$6.00