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Escape the Prize Grind! Tired of the everyday prize grind? On Tue, Jul 23, 2024, the 100X The Cash (#920) $10 ticket offers a top prize of $225,000, your chance to escape the grind and potentially win big! The Precious 7's (#554) is a familiar option, but its prize potential keeps you firmly planted in the everyday. Speaking of big wins, someone snagged a whopping $250,000 on a $10 ticket for Wild Numbers 50X last week (Monday, July 22, 2024).
Activity for $10 tickets in Kentucky since Tue, Jul 16, 2024.
  • Number sold: -1,678,621
  • Total Revenue: -$16,786,210
  • Number redeemed: 107,383
  • Prize value claimed: $2,778,100
Game #
Top Prize
920100X The Cash$10-0.211$225,000-$2.11
894Six Figures$10-0.258$200,000-$2.58
930Bonus Blowout$10-0.275$550-$2.75
940The Big $10 Ticket$10-0.276$210,000-$2.76
792$30 Million Payout Spectacular$10-0.276$225,000-$2.76
937Golden Casino$10-0.276$200,000-$2.76
841$1000 Loaded!$10-0.279$200,000-$2.79
831Payout Party$10-0.281$225,000-$2.81
868Hit The Jackpot$10-0.281$175,000-$2.81
534VIP Platinum$10-0.284$250,000-$2.84
788$50, $100, and $500 Blowout!$10-0.285$500-$2.85
828$50, $100, $500!$10-0.285$500-$2.85
886Cash Double Doubler$10-0.285$225,000-$2.85
793$200,000 Nest Egg ®$10-0.286$200,000-$2.86
943HIT $600$10-0.287$600-$2.87
746Triple Jackpot$10-0.287$200,000-$2.87
779Gold Rush $10$10-0.289$250,000-$2.89
927Cash Blast$10-0.289$175,000-$2.89
806Power 10's$10-0.294$210,000-$2.94
9142024 Doubler$10-0.296$2,024-$2.96
815Bluegrass Blowout$10-0.300$200,000-$3.00
807Multiplier Craze$10-0.301$100,000-$3.01
925Red Cherry Tripler$10-0.307$150,000-$3.07
878Money Bag Multiplier$10-0.319$200,000-$3.19
91025 Days of Winning$10-0.322$125,000-$3.22
871Wild Numbers 50X$10-0.354$250,000-$3.54
554Precious 7's$10-1.100$177,000-$11.00