Welcome to the Scratch Off Odds Lottery Analyzer for Kentucky! Here you'll find an overview of the best (and worst) scratch off tickets.
The best tickets to buy typically have a larger percentage of top prizes remaining compared to how many tickets are still in circulation.
Game #TitlePriceROITop PrizeProfit
922300X The Cash$30-0.205$2,100,000-$6.16
808Mega Millionaire$20-0.208$871,000-$4.16
904Millionaire Club$50-0.208$1,000,000-$10.39
915When It's Gold Outside$20-0.213$500,000-$4.26
896$50,000 CA$H$30-0.214$50,000-$6.41
757Fastest Road to $3 Million™$30-0.217$2,514,835-$6.50
714Break Fort Knox$30-0.224$2,244,000-$6.72
941HIT $5,000$30-0.224$5,000-$6.73
761Gold Rush $30$30-0.228$2,514,835-$6.85