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Don't settle for average scratch-offs, choose $1,000,000 Cash! This $20 lottery ticket offers the most thrilling potential with its $1,000,000 top prize. This game delivers with both an ROI of 0.661 and a high expected value of $13.22.
Top Prize
Unleash Your Winning Potential! $1,000,000 Cash offers the ultimate prize of $1,000,000. But our top ten are packed with possibilities! Go for the $SECOND-HIGHEST-PRIZE with $1,000,000 VIP Club. This game boasts an ROI of -0.146, offering an expected value of -$2.92.
Game #
Top Prize
745$10K Loaded$10-0.447$10,000-$4.47
728Big X$10-0.447$300,000-$4.47
737Quick $50!$1-0.432$50-$0.43
77510X® the Win$1-0.430$5,000-$0.43
755Betty Boop™$1-0.428$500-$0.43
765$100 Cash!$1-0.419$100-$0.42
770Lucky 7s$1-0.415$5,000-$0.42
7149's in a Line$1-0.411$5,000-$0.41
760Triple Payout$1-0.408$5,000-$0.41
State Activity
Is your lucky ticket out there? Our top ten lottery scratch-off games, updated for Tuesday, July 16, 2024, are brimming with excitement! Just this past week, a lucky bunch of players redeemed a staggering $5,162,118 prize pool from $1,089,959 winning tickets. Don't be left behind 1,089,959 tickets have already been snatched up for a total of $7,208,893. See if your lucky scratcher is hiding among our top ten games!