Welcome to the Scratch Off Odds Lottery Analyzer for Arkansas! Here you'll find an overview of the best (and worst) scratch off tickets.
The best tickets to buy typically have a larger percentage of top prizes remaining compared to how many tickets are still in circulation.
Game #TitlePriceROITop PrizeProfit
51550X Bonus$5-0.495$100,000-$2.47
483Hit $500!$5-0.487$500-$2.44
468$20,000 Money Bag$2-0.478$20,000-$0.96
5105X Crossword Bonus Match$3-0.473$75,000-$1.42
543SCRABBLE™ Crossword$3-0.473$75,000-$1.42
506$500 Loaded$5-0.470$500-$2.35
49250X Payout$5-0.468$100,000-$2.34
48710X Bonus! Crossword$3-0.465$75,000-$1.39
467Cash on the Spot$1-0.446$3,000-$0.45