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Ditch the Dime-a-Dozen Prizes! Craving excitement and potential rewards on Tue, Jul 16, 2024? Grab a Multiplier Crossword (#731) $5 ticket! It boasts a top prize of $100,000, giving you the chance to win something far more exciting than a dime-a-dozen prize. The Get $500! (#712) is a familiar option, but its prize potential is more like a consolation prize than a life-changer. In the last week, a lucky player defied the odds with a $100,000 win on a $5 ticket for $100,000 Payout on Monday, July 15, 2024.
Activity for $5 tickets in Arkansas since Tue, Jul 9, 2024.
  • Number sold: 281,537
  • Total Revenue: $1,407,685
  • Number redeemed: 73,942
  • Prize value claimed: $982,240
Game #
Top Prize
731Multiplier Crossword$5-0.037$100,000-$0.19
726Bonus 5$5-0.176$100,000-$0.88
744X50 Bonus$5-0.239$100,000-$1.20
77750X the Win$5-0.248$100,000-$1.24
758Black Pearls$5-0.251$100,000-$1.26
762More Money$5-0.263$100,000-$1.31
773Big 777$5-0.266$100,000-$1.33
749Bonus Money$5-0.271$100,000-$1.35
782$100,000 Payout$5-0.272$100,000-$1.36
796$6 Million Blowout$5-0.277$100,000-$1.38
787Mystery Multiplier$5-0.279$100,000-$1.40
791Hot $500$5-0.281$500-$1.40
740EZ Grand$5-0.284$100,000-$1.42
768$500 Cash!$5-0.295$500-$1.48
753Full of $250s$5-0.309$250-$1.54
735Lots of $500s$5-0.355$500-$1.77
712Get $500!$5-0.355$500-$1.77