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Ditch the Dime-a-Dozen Prizes! Craving excitement and potential rewards on Fri, Jul 19, 2024? Grab a JUNGLE JACKPOT (#1835) $5 ticket! It boasts a top prize of $50,000, giving you the chance to win something far more exciting than a dime-a-dozen prize. The LUCKY FOR LIFE V16 (#1747) is a familiar option, but its prize potential is more like a consolation prize than a life-changer. In the last week, a lucky player defied the odds with a $75,000 win on a $5 ticket for RED HOT 5S DOUBLER (100) on Thursday, July 18, 2024.
Activity for $5 tickets in Washington since Fri, Jul 12, 2024.
  • Number sold: 585,457
  • Total Revenue: $2,927,285
  • Number redeemed: 169,472
  • Prize value claimed: $1,953,785
Game #
Top Prize
1835JUNGLE JACKPOT$5-0.324$50,000-$1.62
1822CROSSWORD CORNER$5-0.328$50,000-$1.64
1832LOTERIA GRANDE 10TH EDITION$5-0.329$50,000-$1.65
1788ROLL THE DICE (100)$5-0.336$50,000-$1.68
1785BONUS BLOCK CROSSWORD (100)$5-0.336$50,000-$1.68
1836RED, WHITE & BLUE 7S$5-0.337$50,000-$1.69
1814SEATTLE KRAKEN (100)$5-0.340$50,000-$1.70
1797BOLT BUCKS (100)$5-0.344$50,000-$1.72
1738CUE THE CASH$5-0.344$50,000-$1.72
1800CHILLS & BILLS (100)$5-0.346$50,000-$1.73
1798ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS$5-0.350$50,000-$1.75
1823EXTRA PLAY$5-0.355$75,000-$1.77
1758DOUBLE SIDED DOLLARS$5-0.368$75,000-$1.84
18215X THE CASH$5-0.368$50,000-$1.84
1739CASH $PIN$5-0.369$50,000-$1.84
1806LOTERIA GRANDE 9TH EDITION$5-0.369$50,000-$1.85
1730MONEY MULTIPLIER$5-0.374$50,000-$1.87
1790Seahawks (100)$5-0.377$50,000-$1.88
1775LOTERIA GRANDE 8TH EDIT (100)$5-0.381$50,000-$1.90
1787JEWEL QUEST (100)$5-0.409$50,000-$2.04
1793RED HOT 5S DOUBLER (100)$5-0.412$75,000-$2.06
1820CANDY CANE LANE (100)$5-0.437$50,000-$2.18
1786LUCKY FOR LIFE V17 (100)$5-0.522$1,000-$2.61
1747LUCKY FOR LIFE V16$5-0.537$1,000-$2.68