Scratch Off Odds
Ditch the Dime-a-Dozen Prizes! Craving excitement and potential rewards on Tue, Jul 16, 2024? Grab a Stacks of Cash (#1471) $10 ticket! It boasts a top prize of $300,000, giving you the chance to win something far more exciting than a dime-a-dozen prize. The Hit $500 (#1478) is a familiar option, but its prize potential is more like a consolation prize than a life-changer. In the last week, a lucky player defied the odds with a $1,000,000 win on a $10 ticket for $1,000,000 Money Maker on Monday, July 15, 2024.
Activity for $10 tickets in South Carolina since Tue, Jul 9, 2024.
  • Number sold: 1,450,772
  • Total Revenue: $14,507,720
  • Number redeemed: 395,651
  • Prize value claimed: $11,128,145
Game #
Top Prize
1471Stacks of Cash$10-0.194$300,000-$1.94
1521X The Money$10-0.204$300,000-$2.04
1553Power 777$10-0.207$300,000-$2.07
1500Southern Spectacular$10-0.209$300,000-$2.09
1532$1,000,000 Money Maker$10-0.212$1,000,000-$2.12
1490Carolina Cash$10-0.218$300,000-$2.18
1557Wild Cash Multiplier Extra Play$10-0.233$300,000-$2.33
1568Royal Millions$10-0.235$1,000,000-$2.35
1539$100, $200 or $300$10-0.243$300-$2.43
1564$300K Gold Rush$10-0.248$300,000-$2.48
1509Hit $500$10-0.250$500-$2.50
1537Cash Payout$10-0.253$300,000-$2.53
1423Mighty Jumbo Bucks$10-0.256$375,000-$2.56
1564$300,000 Gold Rush$10-0.257$300,000-$2.57
1545100X the Cash$10-0.260$500,000-$2.60
1549Ultimate Bonus Payout$10-0.260$300,000-$2.60
1516The Rolling Jackpot$10-0.266$300,000-$2.66
1523Sapphire Blue$10-0.267$300,000-$2.67
1478Hit $500$10-0.569$500-$5.69