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Don't Miss Out! Today (Tue, Jul 23, 2024), the Diamond Mine 9X (#786) $5 ticket is your chance to win BIG! With a top prize of $200,000, it offers a prize potential that can't be ignored. The Mega Bucks (#764) might be budget-friendly, but its prize potential is more low-key.
Activity for $5 tickets in North Carolina since Tue, Jul 16, 2024.
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Game #
Top Prize
786Diamond Mine 9X$5-0.255$200,000-$1.27
787Ruby Mine 9X$5-0.293$200,000-$1.47
804Wild Cash Multiplier$5-0.302$200,000-$1.51
863Ruby Red 7's$5-0.307$200,000-$1.54
829SUPER LOTERIA™$5-0.313$150,000-$1.56
858Holiday $500’s$5-0.315$150,000-$1.58
788Cash Payout$5-0.316$200,000-$1.58
853The Price is Right™$5-0.317$200,000-$1.58
844Cashword Multiplier$5-0.317$150,000-$1.59
773CA$H PLU$$5-0.321$200,000-$1.61
840Hot 5’s$5-0.322$200,000-$1.61
809Holiday Cheer$5-0.323$150,000-$1.61
825Gold Standard$5-0.324$200,000-$1.62
836Carolina Jackpot$5-0.326$200,000-$1.63
817$35,000,000 Blowout$5-0.332$400,000-$1.66
845Mega Bucks Limited Edition$5-0.340$250,000-$1.70
798$500 LOADED!$5-0.352$500-$1.76
76920X The Cash$5-0.353$250,000-$1.77
802Mystery Prize Cashword$5-0.369$150,000-$1.85
772VIP Cashword$5-0.376$150,000-$1.88
778Double Cash Doubler$5-0.394$200,000-$1.97
814Sapphire 7s$5-0.398$200,000-$1.99
801Bonus Bucks$5-0.461$200,000-$2.31
82220X The Cash$5-0.475$250,000-$2.38
794Corvette® & Cash$5-0.500$100,000-$2.50
764Mega Bucks$5-0.514$200,000-$2.57