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Don't Settle for Small Change: Dreaming big on Tue, Jul 16, 2024? The 100X CASH BLITZ (#1874) $20 ticket offers a top prize of $1,000,000, giving you the chance to win more than just pocket change. The Win Either $100 or $200 (#1751) might be a budget-friendly choice, but its prize potential is more suited for everyday expenses. Speaking of big wins, someone snagged a life-altering $2,000,000* on a $20 ticket for $90,000,000 Platinum Payout last week (Monday, July 15, 2024)!
Activity for $20 tickets in New Jersey since Tue, Jul 9, 2024.
  • Number sold: 43
  • Total Revenue: $860
  • Number redeemed: 12
  • Prize value claimed: $66,060
Game #
Top Prize
1874100X CASH BLITZ$20-0.271$1,000,000-$5.42
1844$1,000,000 Platinum Payout$20-0.280$1,000,000-$5.61
1797$1,000,000 Diamond Spectacula$20-0.282$1,000,000-$5.65
1812$20,000 Loaded$20-0.287$20,000-$5.74
1637$1,000,000 RICHES$20-0.288$1,000,000-$5.76
1865CROSSWORD BONANZA$20-0.291$400,000-$5.81
1660BLAZING HOT 7'S$20-0.291$1,000,000-$5.83
1786POWER 20X$20-0.293$1,000,000-$5.85
1723$1,000,000 Gold Club$20-0.293$1,000,000-$5.87
1741$1,000,000 DiamondSpectacular$20-0.294$1,000,000-$5.88
1533$90,000,000 Platinum Payout$20-0.294$2,000,000-$5.88
1758Lucky 7's Multiplier$20-0.296$1,000,000-$5.93
1606100X THE MONEY BONUS$20-0.297$1,000,000-$5.94
1573HIT $2,000!$20-0.301$1,000,000-$6.03
1680Extreme Cash$20-0.306$1,000,000-$6.13
1799Crossword Bonanza$20-0.308$400,000-$6.17
1850$50,000,000 EXPLOSION$20-0.310$500-$6.19
1776Crossword Bonanza$20-0.310$400,000-$6.20
1476Dazzling Diamond Spectacular$20-0.311$2,000,000-$6.22
1826Crossword Bonanza$20-0.317$400,000-$6.33
1805Crossword Bonanza$20-0.317$400,000-$6.35
1702Crossword Bonanza$20-0.318$400,000-$6.35
1666CROSSWORD BONANZA$20-0.318$400,000-$6.36
1846Crossword Bonanza$20-0.318$400,000-$6.36
1724Crossword Bonanza$20-0.318$400,000-$6.36
1752CROSSWORD BONANZA$20-0.318$400,000-$6.37
1704WIN EITHER $100 OR $200$20-0.320$200-$6.40
1751Win Either $100 or $200$20-0.320$200-$6.40