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Don't Miss Out! Today (Tue, Jul 23, 2024), the $100,000 TAXES PAID (#387) $5 ticket is your chance to win BIG! With a top prize of $138,889, it offers a prize potential that can't be ignored. The BLACK PEARLS (#332) might be budget-friendly, but its prize potential is more low-key.
Activity for $5 tickets in Missouri since Tue, Jul 16, 2024.
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Game #
Top Prize
387$100,000 TAXES PAID$5-0.304$138,889-$1.52
253$100,000 CASINO ROYALE$5-0.309$100,000-$1.54
390BASS PRO SHOPS ®$5-0.320$100,000-$1.60
353HOLIDAY CASH$5-0.322$100,000-$1.61
256MO WINES AND MO WINNERS$5-0.326$100,000-$1.63
384CA$H PLU$$5-0.329$100,000-$1.65
344MONEY MATCH$5-0.333$100,000-$1.67
378FUN 5S$5-0.335$100,000-$1.67
381FISTFUL OF $500$5-0.337$100,000-$1.68
361$100,000 JACKPOT$5-0.337$100,000-$1.69
374ACE OF SPADES$5-0.340$100,000-$1.70
302RIDE TO RICHE$$5-0.342$100,000-$1.71
326WHEEL OF FORTUNE ®$5-0.346$100,000-$1.73
365TRIPLE BONUS CROSSWORD$5-0.358$100,000-$1.79
299FAT WALLET$5-0.359$100,000-$1.79
346SKEE-BALL ®$5-0.359$100,000-$1.80
241CA$H TASTIC$5-0.365$100,000-$1.82
35750X THE BUCKS$5-0.366$100,000-$1.83
22820X LUCKY$5-0.367$100,000-$1.84
368$100,000 PRIZE MULTIPLIER$5-0.375$100,000-$1.88
350$100,000 BREAK THE BANK$5-0.393$100,000-$1.97
243$500 FRENZY$5-0.395$100,000-$1.98
317SHOW ME $100,000!$5-0.396$100,000-$1.98
335FIND $500$5-0.396$100,000-$1.98
338SILVER 7S$5-0.404$77,777-$2.02
909$2,500 A WEEK FOR LIFE$5-0.425$4,000,000-$2.13
32350X PAYOUT$5-0.433$100,000-$2.17
341SUPER CROSSWORD TRIPLER$5-0.440$100,000-$2.20
332BLACK PEARLS$5-0.445$100,000-$2.23