Scratch Off Odds


Best Game
Want to maximize your scratch-off wins? BIG MONEY is your secret weapon! This $25 lottery ticket delivers exceptional value, with the $2,500,000 as the ultimate reward. An ROI of 1.910 translates to a favorable expected value of $47.76.
Top Prize
Multiple Paths to Big Wins! BIG MONEY offers the top prize of $2,500,000. But our top ten provide multiple paths to big wins! Try a game for the $SECOND-HIGHEST-PRIZE with CASH EXPLOSION. This game delivers with both an ROI of 0.704 and a high expected value of $14.09.
Game #
Top Prize
1488BIG MONEY$251.910$2,500,000$47.76
1750Holiday 100X the Money$201.446$1,500,000$28.92
1480CASH EXPLOSION$200.704$2,000,000$14.09
1330My FIRST Million!$100.586$1,000,000$5.86
1336$1,000,000 Jackpot$100.508$1,000,000$5.08
1429$1,000 STACKED$100.294$1,000,000$2.94
1655FIERY 5s$50.110$500,000$0.55
1643EMERALD 8s$50.080$488,888$0.40
1458ATLANTA FALCONS$5-0.001$350,000$0.00
1696BONUS BUCK$$10-0.046$500,000-$0.46
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