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Best Game
Unlock the ultimate prize potential with Deluxe Gold! This $100 lottery scratcher might just land you the life-changing $5,000,000. Boasting an ROI of 0.086, $8.58 is the expected value you can anticipate with this game, making it a great choice.
Top Prize
More Than Meets the Eye! Deluxe Gold grabs the spotlight with the $5,000,000 top prize. But look closer! Our top ten offer the $3,000,000 with $3 Million Mania. Check out this game's ROI of -0.152 and expected value of -$7.61.
Game #
Top Prize
659Lucky 7$1-0.481$7,000-$0.48
720Gnome for the Holidays$1-0.471$3,000-$0.47
717Cash In$1-0.465$4,000-$0.47
723Perfect 10s$1-0.451$5,000-$0.45
736Goat Load of Cash$1-0.442$4,000-$0.44
7132 For $1$1-0.440$5,000-$0.44
7445X the Luck$1-0.436$5,000-$0.44
742Fortune 5s$2-0.430$15,000-$0.86
718Cornhole Cash™/ Skee-Ball®$2-0.427$15,000-$0.85
State Activity
Is your lucky ticket out there? Our top ten lottery scratch-off games, updated for Tuesday, July 23, 2024, are brimming with excitement! Just this past week, a lucky bunch of players redeemed a staggering $1,054,307 prize pool from $274,089 winning tickets. Don't be left behind 274,089 tickets have already been snatched up for a total of $1,581,700. See if your lucky scratcher is hiding among our top ten games!