Scratch Off Odds


Best Game
Maximize your scratch-off experience with Deluxe Gold! This $100 lottery ticket delivers the best return on investment, with the $5,000,000 as the top payout. $TOP_GAME_NAME unlocks superior value! With an ROI of 0.083, you can expect a significant expected value of $8.33 return on your investment.
Top Prize
Top Prize & More Await! Deluxe Gold offers the top prize of $5,000,000. But the excitement continues! Dive into our top ten and discover games with the $SECOND_HIGHEST-PRIZE like $3 Million Mania. This option boasts an ROI of -0.153, translating to an expected value of -$7.65 on average.
Game #
Top Prize
689Deluxe Gold$1000.083$5,000,000$8.33
681Double Your Dollars$10-0.130$100,000-$1.30
673Grand Fortune$30-0.134$1,000,000-$4.01
721$3 Million Mania$50-0.153$3,000,000-$7.65
697On The Money$10-0.154$125,000-$1.54
705Win It All$5-0.189$60,000-$0.95
676Silver 7s$10-0.195$125,000-$1.95
702Max Money$10-0.200$100,000-$2.00
637Ultimate Millions$50-0.203$3,000,000-$10.14
731Double The Luck$20-0.219$250,000-$4.38
State Activity
Second chances are here! Our top ten lottery scratch-off games, as of Tuesday, July 16, 2024, offer a chance to rewrite your luck! The past week has seen a surge of winning, with a whopping $2,158,964 redeemed from $566,862 winning tickets. With 566,862 tickets already sold and $3,220,470 spent, there's still a chance to turn things around! Check out our top ten ranked games below and see if your second chance at fortune awaits!