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Calling all scratch-off enthusiasts! 100X THE CASH is the game-changer you've been waiting for. This $10 lottery ticket boasts the $2,000,000, making it a top contender for your next scratch-off adventure. This game delivers an expected value of $1.14 thanks to its impressive ROI of 0.114.
Top Prize
Thinking Big on a Budget? Believe it or not, the $50 ticket for 500X THE CASH could be your ticket to big wins! It boasts the highest top prize of $25,000,000 in our top ten. This option offers a potential ROI of -0.110, resulting in an expected value of -$5.52.
Game #
Top Prize
146850X THE CASH$5-0.523$1,000,000-$2.62
1490$500 A WK FOR LIFE$1-0.512$1,000-$0.51
1479$2 GOLD RUSH SUPREME$2-0.511$100,000-$1.02
1478$1 GOLD RUSH SUPREME$1-0.507$10,000-$0.51
146720X THE CASH$2-0.504$100,000-$1.01
1491$1,000 A WK FOR LIFE$2-0.494$10,000-$0.99
1509$1 MONOPOLY DOUBLER$1-0.487$10,000-$0.49
1460$2 MONOPOLY BONUS SPECTACULAR$2-0.486$100,000-$0.97
1532$25K A YR FOR LIFE$1-0.480$1,000-$0.48
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Gamers, Assemble! Ready to level up your lottery game? Our top ten ranked scratch-off picks (as of Tuesday, July 16, 2024) are like boss battles waiting to be conquered! The past week has seen a victory royale of sorts, with claimed by savvy players. Don't get left behind with tickets already sold for a total of , there are still top prizes waiting to be claimed. See the ranked list below and strategize your next scratch-off move!