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Maximize your scratch-off experience with Millionaire Extraordinaire! This $30 lottery ticket delivers the best return on investment, with the $540,000 as the top payout. Consider this game for a potential ROI of -0.220 and an expected value of -$6.60.
Top Prize
Top Prize & More Await! Millionaire Extraordinaire offers the top prize of $540,000. But the excitement continues! Dive into our top ten and discover games with the $SECOND_HIGHEST-PRIZE like 24K Gold. This game's ROI sits at -0.229, resulting in an expected value of -$4.58.
Game #
Top Prize
1346Wild Cash$5-1.200$50,000-$6.00
1361Red Hot 7s$2-0.500$7,777-$1.00
1419Sunshine SLINGO® Trio$5-0.455$50,000-$2.28
1405Wild Cherry Doubler$1-0.453$1,000-$0.45
1426Holiday Cash$1-0.437$500-$0.44
1409Cash Drop$2-0.425$10,000-$0.85
1379Crisscross Cash$3-0.421$20,000-$1.26
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Scratch your way to riches! Our top ten lottery scratch-off games, updated for Tuesday, July 16, 2024, might just have the scent of success! The past week has been a whirlwind of winning, with a staggering $10,214,428 claimed by $1,605,450 lucky players. With 1,605,450 tickets already sold and $14,606,587 spent, there's more winning to be done! Check out our top ten ranked games below and see if you can sniff out your next big win!